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Small business packaging ideas

If you have just opened up your small business, it is important that you have a way to distinguish your brand from others in the industry. Naturally, you may be thinking about the marketing tools at your disposal, including your social media and advertising strategies.

However, have you considered the type of packaging you will utilise when you send out your merchandise? Your packaging will define what your business’s customers think about your business. So, here are some small business packaging ideas to get you started.


1. Customised packaging


Of course, when you think about packaging, you naturally picture paper packaging that has no design. It is simply used and then thrown away. However, times have changed. After all, your packaging serves a marketing purpose. It is the first thing your customers see; therefore, they will gain an impression of your business from it.

Nowadays, you will get a lot of influencers that do unpackaging videos. Therefore, if you want to be a memorable brand, you’ll focus on how you can customise your packaging. Consider your colour palette and how it can relate to your product. For instance, take a look at the brand Apple. They use white, showing that it is simple and productive. So, what sort of products do you have? If you have wellbeing products, you may want to go with greens and blues. However, if you have more serious or fashion products, you may want to go for darker hues.

Customised packaging can even use product logos, patterns and additional materials that can have text printed on it. You can even think about whether you use a bag or a box with a variety of colours. Just consider your product first and how you can make it memorable.


2. Product safety


Naturally, as a business owner, you need to consider how you’re going to transport your products safely to your customers. To do this, you may want to contact pallet wrap manufacturers based in the UK, or source soft material that can be used to cushion your products. Just keep in mind that you may need to spend more money on these products when you are tallying up your total costs!


3. Compostable packaging


Packaging tends to be a single-use item. Once the customer opens up their package, they will throw the packaging away. This can have an impact on the environment as your packaging may use non-recyclable plastics or materials that cannot decompose. Ultimately, this can affect the environment.

That’s why, if you want to stand out amongst your competition, you’ll use compostable packaging. This type of packaging can be given to customers with instructions on how to help it compost in the soil. You can also focus on using packaging that uses recyclable materials, like paper. That way you can lower your carbon footprint.


4. Box compartments


If you’re thinking about sending out multiple small products, it’s time for you to consider how you can make your packaging more cost-effective. That’s why, instead of sending out several packages, you should consider using a single package that has a number of compartments in it. That way you can make your packaging look organised and fit more items in it. It can also give your customers something exciting to unwrap or even reuse if you make your packaging look unique.


5. Printed stickers


To make your wrapping truly stand out, you may want to add some logo stickers onto your packaging. That way your brand is easily viewable and you can save time not having to write out your shipping information time and time again. Not only that, but the printed stickers will truly make your packaging look professional.


6. Packaging shape


Don’t forget that you have full control over the shape and size of your packaging. So, why not make your packaging suit your products? You can make your packaging into shapes that express your brand. For instance, if you are shipping a Christmas product, your packaging could be in the shape of a Christmas tree or a star.


Are you ready to choose your packaging?


Choosing your business packaging will be extremely personal to your brand. Therefore, if you are a start-up company, take your time to choose the right packaging for you. You need a type of packaging that protects your products and leaves a good impression on all of your customers. Think carefully about how your customers will perceive the packaging you send them. The more thought you put into it the better!