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What is a pallet wrap audit and why is it important?

A pallet wrap audit is a valuable tool for understanding the improvements your operation can benefit from to boost efficiency – both immediately and for the future. Whether you undertake the audit yourself, or invite an expert into your warehouse, it is a valuable insight into every detail of your pallet wrapping operation.


What is a pallet wrap audit?


At its simplest, a pallet wrap audit is an inspection of your pallet wrap processes. It investigates every aspect of the operation, including:

  • Finances
  • Time spent wrapping pallets
  • Machinery
  • Pallets
  • Type of film
  • And how these work with your product to ensure safe delivery

By analysing each of these areas, you receive a comprehensive understanding of where to invest time and attention to improve your operations. . Including the ones easily overlooked in day-to-day tasks.


DIY pallet wrap audit


To carry out an audit yourself, begin with the basics. Here is a brief overview of the types of questions to ask your team:

  • How many pallets are we wrapping each hour, each day, each month?
  • How much film are we using to wrap each pallet? And how much of this is unnecessary and sent to landfill?
  • Have we investigated other ways of improving our operation, like updated or recalibrated machinery or high-performance pallet wrap?

These initial answers provide valuable insight and highlight areas for improvement.


What can an audit do for your business?


Pallet wrap audit

A pallet wrap audit report

A pallet wrap audit is your first step to improve packaging processes and efficiency. It is a valuable tool to know where to concentrate time and resources.

Because we know that each pallet and product is different, we tailor each audit to each organisation. Taking the time to understand the needs of your operation, we also make the audit as non-intrusive as possible so interruption to production is minimised.

During an audit, we use your existing machinery, pallets, and film to wrap a load in the same way as you do, every day. We then wrap an identical pallet using our recommended film and your recalibrated machinery (if necessary) so that you can see, side by side, the tangible difference that a few simple changes can make. Clearly demonstrating the numerous benefits of applying best practice to optimise your operation.

In summary, a pallet wrap audit will give you:

  • An overview of your current processes
  • A calculation of your current plastic use
  • A complete like for like comparison with a recommended stretch film product
  • A report on your Plastic Pallet Tax associated costs based on your existing pallet wrap and what your cost reduction could look like with a recommended high performance pallet wrap

Watch our video that explains exactly what you can expect on the day of the audit:


Harness the power to change


We know that some changes require a sizable investment – especially if purchasing modern technology, equipment and machinery. Every recommendation is accompanied by a cost / benefit analysis so you can clearly see the return – whether it is saving money, improving efficiencies, reducing plastic waste and more.

We also know that, in a busy packaging environment, dedicating the time to review operations is always difficult. A pallet wrap audit quickly delivers the insights you need so you can demonstrate your journey to best practice and map out the positive changes that your organisation can make.

Get in touch today if you would like our experts to carry out a free pallet wrap audit at your facility. Disruption-free and sensitive to your day-to-day operations, we help you understand the steps necessary to optimise your processes.

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