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Eco-friendly Consumables and Goods Not for Resale

Consumables to keep you operational and delivered to your door

Saving your business time and money

Spend on consumables can be as high as 25% of your operating costs so it’s worth considering your purchasing strategy to ensure you’re getting value. Consumables are your essential tools that support all your business functions and operations, from administrative tasks to customer service.

We support businesses with products that keep you business ready whether it’s the pallet wrap and boxes in your warehouse, the pens in your stationery cupboard or the coffee in your cups.

  • Reduce costs
  • Single source
  • The solution
Reduce costs

Prevent over ordering and reduce ad hoc spend

Consumable spend can easily run away for some operations, especially as it covers a wide range of products, are required by separate departments and are assigned to different cost centres. This makes it almost impossible to get a complete picture of spend.

A more joined-up approach can help you apply rigour in reducing ad hoc spend, over ordering and paying too much.

Single source

A single source supplier just makes sense

Shopping around for the best deals drains time and resource so it makes sense to work with a partner that can provide you with the reassurance of best value with reliable service delivered sustainably.

The solution

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Working with a trusted partner means you can cut the time and expense, free up resource and be assured of consistent product quality.

By using Acopia’s bespoke business intelligence tool MyAcopia, means our single source procurement solution will deliver tangible cost savings keeping your business strong and competitive.

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How Acopia helps your GNFR procurement

GNFR stands for Goods Not For Resale and looks very different depending on the industry sector you are in.

Each sector we work with requires a specific list of products that keeps them operational. These essential products can differ from manufacturing, retail, healthcare, shipping and distribution for example. But the one thing they all have in common? This shopping list of everday consumables means we support our customers in keeping their businesses functioning and running smoothly.

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Companies we support with everyday consumables:

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Let’s take a look at some typical GNFR products for sectors we support

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  • Retail

    Are you in retail? Your shopping list of monthly consumables could look like: till roll, branded paper bags, eco-friendly surface cleaner, trolleys and baskets, display acrylics, high density clothing rail, hangars, coffee and biscuits.
  • Garden Centre

    You run a garden centre? Your shopping list could look like this: branded plant sleeves and plant carriers, capillary matting, display fabrics, bed card holders, pricing and labelling.
  • Charity Shop

    You manage a charity shop? Your shopping list could look like this: Tickets and tags, mannequins, ecofriendly tagging attachments, branded sugarcane bags, size markers, twinslot shopfittings, display fixings and tea.
  • Merchant

    You run a merchant outlet? Your shopping list could look like this: recycled plastic carrier bags, handiwrap, floor cleaner, hand wrap, pens and toilet roll.
  • Shipping & Distribution

    Involved in shipping and distribution? Your shopping list could look like this: high performance machine pallet wrap, pallet hoods, pallet top sheets, eco-friendly boxes and tape, edge guards and strapping, first aid and signage.
  • eCommerce

    Run a busy eCommerce department? Your shopping list could look like this: eco-friendly protective packaging, sustainable void fill, sustainable cartons, mailers and paper document wallets.
  • Healthcare

    Work in Healthcare? Your list could look like this: PPE such as aprons, nitrile gloves, masks and hand sanitiser, stationery and black refuse sacks.
  • Manufacturing

    Run a manufacturing site? Your list could look like: bespoke packaging for specialist instruments, sustainable void fill, cleaning products, waste management equipment, storage lockers, tools, ladders and kick steps, chairs and electronic scales.

Ready to cut costs and free up resource?

Take a look at MyAcopia to get the full picture on your consumables spend and how our online purchasing platform works.

We build your approved Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) or consumables shopping list

Your product list is unique to your business and your needs. You pick your products from over 4,000 SKU’s and we can source specialist products too.

You control budgeting and pre-approve all spend right across your network. You’re also able to restrict purchasing to your defined list so you never need to worry about overspend again.

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