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We have a structured and robust approach to understanding the scale of opportunity available within your business. Our Operational Audits are designed to interrogate every aspect of your operation and we work with you to reveal your cost, time and environmental saving potential through a range of measures.

Your first step to change – Operational Audits

We offer a range of audits which can be completed independently or concurrently depending on your organisational aspirations.

  • Plastic Reduction Audit

    Plastic Reduction Audit

  • Packaging Audit

    Packaging Audit

  • Load Stability Audit

    Load Stability Audit

  • Operational Efficiency Audit

    Operational Efficiency Audit

  • Safer Working Audit

    Safer Working Audit

Plastic Reduction Audit

It is estimated that over 20,000 producers and importers have been impacted by the UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax, which was introduced in April 2022.


While the tax is aimed at significantly reducing plastic waste by encouraging the use of recycled plastics, the ultimate goal has to be to use less plastic all together.  Our Plastic Reduction Audit will help you understand where plastic is used in your current processes, how alternative products such as stretch film could be used and will provide a comparison of the potential tax liabilities using existing products versus the alternatives we recommend.

Focused on helping you reduce plastic and costs whilst improving your sustainable footprint and helping you benefit from operational improvements, this audit is as good for the environment as it is for your bottom line.

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Packaging Audit

We will run an analysis on the products you ship and the materials used, as well as taking the time to understand your needs. Bringing nearly 50 years of experience in packaging know-how, we are able to advise you on packaging design, cost and environmental impact. We’ll also consider compliance and regulatory issues and make you aware of more sustainable options.

We will support you in optimising your whole packaging strategy, helping you to reduce waste and ensuring the best customer experience when your goods are received.

Operational Efficiency Audit

Despatch is not just about getting products safely packaged, it’s also the process of how you get them out of the door to your customers. The operational mechanics behind this process can be simple or complex – but it’s always a good idea to see how it can be improved.

We evaluate your existing workflows, procedures and processes to understand where the bottlenecks and hold-ups are. Our aim is to streamline and leverage new technology wherever possible.

Load Stability Audit

Over 10m pallets are damaged in transit every year, costing businesses time, money and reputation.


Sudden movement during mass transits, such as container shipments and pallet loads, can weaken and tear the pallet wrap, potentially resulting in damage to the goods they contain. This is huge problem and has both legal and financial ramifications.

Despite the availability of comprehensive guidance to help calculate whether a pallet is stable, factors outside of the immediate control of your distribution partner could mean a load becomes unstable and potentially damaged. It can also be dangerous for the driver or general public who could be caught up in the consequences of an unstable load.

Failed deliveries and damaged goods are hugely inefficient, costing time and money whilst adding additional operational pressures as the goods are recalled and resupplied. Changing the pallet wrap used can drive huge benefits, from improved health and safety of those loading and unloading your cargo through to cost savings by using less of the right product.

The containment force of the products we recommend can be tested and analysed for you, providing complete reassurance that the teams palletising your products, as well as the products themselves, are completely safe.

Our Load Stability Audit will asses the circumstances in which your cargo is getting damaged and help identify the route cause. Where this is product related, we’ll recommend alternatives to minimise these kinds of incidents, such as reviewing how packaging is stacked and wrapped prior to loading.

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Safer Working Audit

The Despatch area is a busy environment and in 2021 to 2022, 123 workers in the UK were killed in Warehouse accidents


Focusing specifically on pallet wrapping, our Safer Working Audit looks at how our range of products would best serve your distribution needs in a safe and cost-effective way. And importantly, it also considers Best Practice for product storage and stock movements in preparation for loading prior to distribution.

Evaluating and changing the pallet wrap used can drive huge benefits, from improved Health and Safety of those loading and unloading your cargo, to using more ergonomic products. Safety for your warehouse teams who are moving product and building pallets is of utmost importance and we uncover how to make these processes as efficient and as safe as possible.

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