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Catering and Kitchen supplies

Supporting a productive and motivating work environment

Improve employee welfare and work experience

In the modern workplace, providing a productive and stimulating work environment will support your team in every aspect of their working day.

Providing your team with a well-stocked and thoughtfully designed kitchen or break area significantly enhances employee welfare and improves the overall experience.

Here are just a few of the Catering and Kitchen items we can supply

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen white goods
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Refreshments
  • Waste management equipment
  • Food and drink packaging
  • Tableware
  • Food wrapping
  • Kitchen cleaning equipment
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A McKinsey study found that 85% of employees felt that quality coffee at work increases productivity and improves morale

If you want to judge the impact that quality refreshment supplies could have on your team, see what happens when they get to start the working day with great cup of coffee!

Kitchen and Catering supplies customer favourites

At the top of our list, not surprisingly – tea and coffee supplies! Our most popular brands are Lyons Rich Roast and PG Tips.

And when it comes to biscuits, there is one clear winner! It’s the very popular Custard Cream, followed closely by the Chocolate Bourbon!


In the last 12 months our customers, have enjoyed over 13,230 Custard Creams and 12,420 Chocolate Bourbons!

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We have a broad range of catering and kitchen goods including; kitchen appliances, white goods, waste management equipment, food and drink packaging, tableware, food wrapping and kitchen cleaning equipment.

The positive impact of Catering and Kitchen supplies on your business

Boost employee morale

Having access to quality tea, coffee and a biscuit too really makes a world of difference, leaving staff feeling appreciated. It’s a simple yet cost-effective way to demonstrate you value your team.



Well-equipped facilities, food and beverages encourages personnel to take a quick break, refuel and re-focus again on their tasks, supporting greater productivity. Research shows that coffee breaks and time away from the desk stimulates, re-energises and motivates team members.


Staff Retention Rates

Having good catering and kitchen supplies even have the power to lead to reduce employee turnover rates and negativity in the workplace by enhancing the work experience.

Catering supplies for your café or restaurant

And it’s not just refreshments for staff, we also have a range of professional catering supplies for cafes and restaurants for retail and garden centre outlets.

Being able to provide refreshments is a great way to encourage footfall and extend time spent instore. By making a retail shop or garden nursery a destination in this way can create a loyal customer base for your business.

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