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Garden Centre Consumables

Supplying specialist sustainable products to garden centres, nurseries and growers alike.

Supporting sustainable change

Consumers are helping to drive change at the local garden centre, supporting brands doing the right thing when it comes to sustainability.

The pressure is on for garden centres to be seen as greener, more ethical businesses. It’s this increasing expectation, as well as our focus on providing sustainable options, that drives our own product innovation when it comes to supplying specialist products to garden centres, nurseries and growers alike.

Products in the Garden Centre Supplies range

  • Eco-friendly plant carriers and plant trays
  • Eco-friendly plant sleeves
  • Sustainable paper, plastic and bio bags
  • Sustainable capillary matting solutions
  • Sustainable plant wrapping
  • Ecofriendly protective packaging
  • Outdoor display plant protection
  • Outdoor plant signage and display equipment
  • Plant labelling and ticketing
  • Seasonal display fabrics

Partnering with well known garden centres

We work in partnership with household brands such as Blue Diamond, Dobbies, Garsons, Notcutts, Frosts and RBG Kew, supporting their green ambitions and sustainability goals.

Our selection of essential products for the nursery and garden centre sector includes ecofriendly plant sleeves, trays, carriers and bio-bags, sustainable capillary matting as well as a large selection of plant display items.

Branded eco-friendly biobags

This includes a range of bio-based carriers or biobags, using ingredients such as corn and potato starch and sugarcane. These contain compostable ingredients which are all made from renewable sources. This group of polymers behave exactly as if they were plastic, but without the harmful environmental impact.

Branded sustainable paper bags

The till point is a great place to showcase your use of sustainable branded bags, plants trays, carriers and boot liners. More customer favourites include bags for life made from natural materials such as jute or contain recycled plastic content.

Wet-strength kraft plant carriers and bags

And if you think you need plastic bags for your customers to take home muddy or wet plants, think again!

Our popular wet-strength kraft carriers do just the trick! There is so much choice available that ensures you don’t have to compromise on sustainability.

Capillary Matting

Next on the list comes Capillary Matting which is used by garden centres such as Dobbies and Homebase, to name a few.

The pressure is on when it comes costs to water. The on-going costs, scarcity as well as trying to reduce needless waste costs – sustainable capillary matting is a real solution to using less water and reducing plant loss and subsequently cost.

Our capillary matting is a truly market leading offering that offers an effective plant support system available with a unique 3-layer product.

Looking for greener consumables?

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And when it comes to safely transporting or shipping precious plant stock, there’s no need to sacrifice sustainability here either.

Whether you’re a grower or nursery looking to transport plants on trolleys or a garden centre with an ecommerce presence, efficient yet sustainable packaging provides reliable and robust despatch of products. From perforated iWrap hand wrap that allows plants to breathe whilst maintaining load stability, to hard working void fill and cartons that means plants and products arrive in perfect condition.

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