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Sustainable Packaging & Solutions

Reliable sustainable protection –
Packaging with purpose

Not all packaging is created equal

There are no right or wrong answers so we are here to support you in making informed decisions. With so much choice available it’s difficult to understand which solutions are best for your brand and your budget.

Materials that at first look may not seem eco-friendly such as plastic packaging, on closer inspection could be a better fit (recycled content, longer life span, waterproof qualities, recyclability) than paper.

Boxes & Tape

Embrace a more sustainable way of shipping your products with our Boxes and Tape ranges. We can support with bespoke solutions and personalised branding, to make sure there’s maximum impact when your package is delivered.

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Catering & Kitchen

A refreshing range of catering consumables and kitchen equipment that keep your team or customers supplied with the important essentials – and don’t forget the tea and biscuits!

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Ecommerce Packaging

It takes thoughtful packaging to ensure items arrive as well packaged as they were when they left your business. Our dedicated range makes sure that’s exactly what happens with reliable and robust packaging that also ticks the important product presentation box too.

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Garden Centre Retail Consumables

A specialist collection of products for growers, the nursery and garden centre sector which includes eco-friendly plant sleeves and carriers, sustainable capillary matting, Point of Sales items as well as seasonal display fabrics and acrylics.

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Janitorial & Premises Management

Our range of essentials from cleaning supplies to safety equipment, offers everything you need for your day-to-day activities including PPE, refuse items and washroom sundries.

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Retail Bags & Carriers

No need to sacrifice style when it comes to sustainability, you’ll want to show your customers you’ve thought about sustainable options and materials when it comes to your bags and carriers.

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Shop Fittings, Display and Point of Sale

Kit out your whole shop from our extensive shop fitting range, mannequins, product presentation items, and all the essential POS such as till rolls and display acrylics.

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Packaging Machinery

It’s full speed ahead for not only time and cost savings but added health and safety benefits to processes too. Transform how you despatch your products with helpful automation where you need it.

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Eco-friendly eCommerce Packaging

NEST is our specialist eco-friendly packaging range created specifically for the rigours of ecommerce and to satisfy high consumer expectations and demand.

With over 200 sustainable solutions, the NEST range means you can replace every element of your plastic packaging with a paper alternative without sacrificing performance.

See the NEST Range here

Protective Packaging

Our protective packaging range combines efficiency, reliability and sustainability in one place.

Made to withstand shock, moisture, temperature extremes and the impact of transport, our specialist range is built on performance.

Bespoke Packaging

When off the shelf won’t do the job, it’s time to think out of the box. Our team of product designers and engineers craft solutions to meet your specific requirements with precision.

Bespoke packaging offers a world of possibilities on material choice, colour and branding and a strategic tool to strengthen your products.

Packaging Machinery

For virtually every warehouse process or activity, there is the opportunity for automation to maximise productivity, speed up job completion or help to reduce risk. Equipment can be slotted into a manual set-up or can be integrated as part or a fully automated process. Automation could be the answer to your current challenges, bottlenecks and process headaches.

We can help you identify where to make those changes to yield the best results, as well as providing more opportunity for sustainable improvements too.

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We are specialists in sourcing and procuring sustainable goods not for resale. We help businesses just like yours with packaging, process improvement and supply of essential and everyday consumables across industry and retail.