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Everoll – Ecofriendly Till Rolls

Reducing your carbon footprint with ecofriendly till rolls

Each year, UK retailers create over 11 billion receipts at tills across the country. The vast majority of these are thermal receipts which cannot be recycled, so we wanted to re-look at the process of manufacture and understand where we could make this more sustainable.

Everoll ecofriendly till rolls use fewer resources during manufacture and as a result has a much-reduced carbon footprint.

Make the switch to ecofriendly till rolls to reduce your carbon footprint

Everoll has nearly double the length of paper on every roll compared to economy brands. This is great news for every retailer as it means you’ll be able to use each roll for much longer, ordering less product less frequently. This also has a carbon footprint benefit with fewer trucks on the road delivering replacements.

You’ll also notice a cost saving of between 5-10% on our ecofriendly till rolls compared to your existing one and you’ll only need to order half as many.

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FSC accredited and recyclable

The paper on every roll comes from FSC accredited forestry and are in nearby Europe as opposed to the standard till rolls made much further away. Again, this helps to reduce Everoll’s carbon footprint.

And the core is made from recyclable cardboard instead of the standard plastic cores that end up in landfill.

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Why choose Everoll high performance thermal till roll?

  • Start saving on shipping and handling costs
  • Start saving on your till roll spend
  • Start saving time at the till
  • Get ahead on your green goals


Plus, save money with every customer

The major benefits for your customers are that the till receipt they receive from you is the greenest possible available and they also get to enjoy faster transaction times at check out due to fewer till roll changes.

And everyone loves shorter queue times!

How does it stack up?

This is an example of the kind financial and environmental savings you can expect from using Everoll high performance thermal ecofriendly till rolls compared to standard tape.

What else do I need to know about Everoll?

Everoll is being used in every supermarket and most leading retailers in Europe and the UK and is compatible with every till that takes an 80mm thermal roll.

Yes we can make Everoll to your specification, just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You’ll find the Everoll FSC certificate details on every box.

Want to try Everoll for yourself?

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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Everoll – the greener receipt.