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What is the Grip Film® System?

A safer way to wrap

Designed specifically for hand wrapping in warehouse environments, the Grip Film system delivers unparalleled cost savings and process efficiencies whilst driving up health and safety standards.

Based on a lightweight, ergonomic dispenser which supports fast yet safe wrapping, this system dispenses a pre-stretched, high-performance film that yields a 40% saving on conventional film usage per pallet.

Designed for practicality

Roll changes are quick and easy, with a simple twist-and-lock function that also allows manual tensioning to match the situation.

It also comes with a magnetised handle as standard, ensuring it’s always on hand when needed.


Why use Grip Film®?
  • Better health and safety – fewer trip and RSI injuries
  • Improved operations – more load stability and faster palletising
  • Enhanced procurement – 40% savings on ever
  • Easier to use – simpler, safer and faster for warehouse staff
  • Lower wrapping costs
  • Less plastic waste
  • Fewer punctures
  • Superfast roll changes
  • Longer length roll
  • Lightweight, ergonomic dispenser with skid pad

Shop the Grip Film® range

400mm x 280m 17mu Extra Heavy Black Grip Film (Roll)

400mm x 280m 17mu

For use with the Grip Film Twist-Lock applicator, this high performance pre-stretched film provides outstanding performance, perfect for irregular loads and…

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400mm Grip Film Twist-Lock Magnetised Applicator


Reduce down time in your warehouse with the Grip Film Dispenser and increase Health and Safely benefits too! Change over…

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400mm x 480m 6mu Superior Pre-Stretched CLEAR Hand Grip Film (Roll)

400mm x 480m 6mu

Great for medium duty applications for most commercial pallets. Pre-stretched for greater load stability along with time, money, and plastic…

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400mm x 420m 9mu 30PLUS™ Premium Pre-Stretched CLEAR Hand Grip Film (Roll)

400mm x 420m 9mu

A heavy duty 9-micron pre-stretched film, perfect for use with irregular loads. It protects protruding and vulnerable corners and still…

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What else do I need to know about the Grip Film system?

The Grip Film System means less trips and less injuries in the warehouse. The patented applicator promotes forward movement around pallets to apply the wrap, eradicating the usual backwards movement which leads to trips and falls. Using the applicator helps to reduce RSI and back injuries as it makes it easier to apply the pallet wrap, eliminating the need to bend down as well as reducing the physical effort to apply it.

The Grip Film system speeds up the whole process of palletising, resulting in faster and safer working. Pallet wrapping times are minutes faster when using the Grip Film System compared to standard hand pallet wrap. Safer more stable loads also mean no re-wrapping of pallets, so this saves time too.

Faster pallet wrapping means more pallets wrapped in less time. Using Grip Film also means guaranteed full roll lengths because you’ll use every meter – no unused film is left on the rolls. How does this work? The way standard film is wound onto the core means it is susceptible to damage when dropped leading to discarded rolls even when there is plenty of film left. This is completely avoided with the innovative way Grip Film is applied to the cardboard cores.

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