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The Miniml product range

Acopia has partnered with Miniml to make it easy for all our customers (and us too!) to use natural cleaning products that don’t harm the environment and reduces plastic use.


Good things to know about Miniml:

  • Made from 100% natural, eco-friendly plant-based ingredients
  • 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free
  • Supported through a closed loop, zero waste return and refill system
  • Made in a UK carbon neutral manufacturing site

A completely eco-friendly closed loop cleaning range

Taking small steps and making small changes can have a lasting impact. These small changes help to generate long-term benefits and there are a number of innovative products that can help you achieve these ‘little wins’ faster.

Miniml is a completely eco-friendly closed loop cleaning range that allows you to look after your world naturally.

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The Miniml Eco-friendly Cleaning Range

Room & Fabric Freshener (Refill)


Miniml 5L Refill Eco-Friendly Room & Fabric Freshener Run out of your favourite room spray? This is the easy way…

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Trigger Spray Room & Fabric Freshener


Miniml 750ml Trigger Spray Eco-Friendly Room & Fabric Freshener Give your environment a fabulous boost with our handy freshener which…

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Floor Cleaner (Refill)


Miniml 5L Refill Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner Nutty Almond You’ll be forgiven for cleaning the floors more often with this eco-friendly…

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Floor Cleaner


You’ll be forgiven for cleaning the floors more often with this eco-friendly floor cleaner which smells of warm almonds! No…

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How does the Miniml closed loop system work?

The Miniml closed loop system makes it easy for your business to clean sustainably, as well as reducing the amount of plastic your company uses.

The four-step process means your business can enjoy chemical free cleaning, delivered to your door in the most cost effective an efficient way possible.

Returning your empty 5 litre containers couldn’t be easier. Make the most of the closed loop returns system when you have used 4 or more containers of the 5 litre dispensers. Just download a free label to arrange collection and return to the factory for cleaning and refilling. It’s the same process for all the products in the range.

Reach your sustainability goals faster

Many of our customers are finding that making these simple swaps to innovative products can help with plastic reduction, carbon footprint reduction as well as happier staff and for retailers, instore customers benefit from a welcoming and clean environment.

Most cleaning chemicals contain ingredients harmful to the environment.

Miniml’s products are 100% natural and 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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Making the switch away from cleaning products with toxic ingredients products couldn’t be easier.

Miniml have removed over 2 million plastic bottles from the supply chain


The Miniml Cleaning Range includes:

  • Miniml Eco-friendly Room and Fabric Freshener
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Floor Cleaner
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Glass and Stainless Cleaner
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Anti-Bac Hand Soap
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Surface Cleaner
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Toilet cleaner
  • Miniml Eco-friendly Washing Up liquid

Did we mention they all smell fabulous too!

How will Miniml help reduce my costs?

Using the larger 5 litre containers to replenish your everyday 500ml bottles will help to save you money with every use.

In fact, you’ll be saving 35% on every top up.

Watch our video on how it works

Are Miniml products as effective as standard cleaning chemicals?

When it comes to keeping washrooms and workspaces hygienic, it’s easy to reach for the bleach and harmful chemicals to sanitise surfaces.

Miniml’s products made from natural plant-based ingredients are just as effective and efficient at keeping the office, warehouse or shop environment clean. All products are vigorously tested for performance.

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