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Retail Bags and Carriers

Eco-friendly retail bags that support your creativity

Elevate your brand with superior quality retail bags and carriers

 Your brand is exceptional, and your packaging should reflect this. Make an unforgettable first impression with your retail bags and carriers.

Retail Bags and Carriers play a crucial role in modern retail operations. They serve as mobile adverts and get you noticed by a wider audience, so we understand the significance of packaging for your brand.

Just some of our eco-friendly retail and bags and carrier range

Explore some of our eco-friendly bag range including:

  • Paper handle bags
  • Printed paper bags
  • Sugarcane bags
  • Potato starch bags
  • Corn starch bags
  • Rope and flexihoop handle bags
  • Cotton bags
  • Compostable carriers
  • Printed carrier bags
  • Ribbon handle bags
  • Printed recycled plastic bags

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Tailored elegance

We pay attention to the details to ensure our solutions align perfectly with your brand, whether you’re famous for fashion, jewellery, cosmetics – or any high-end market.

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Our Retail Bag customer favourites

Luxury does not have to come at the cost of the environment. We have a range of sustainable options which means you won’t have to compromise on quality or design.

Retail paper bags have emerged as the material of choice for the brands we work with. A simple, well printed paper bag is the epitome of style and sophistication and loved by brands and their customers alike. They offer a perfect blend of form and function. Typically produced from renewable sources and easily recycled – it’s the go –to choice for the environmentally conscious retailer.

That’s not to say plastic does not have a part to play! When it comes to longevity, plastic bags have a much longer life span and when made from recycled content, they can be just as eco-friendly as paper and therefore popular with our customers.

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Sustainable sophistication

With so many innovative materials to choose from, your retail bags can also complement other eco-friendly packaging choices to create a wholistic approach to sustainability. Choose from FSC accredited quality paper to eco-friendly bio-based materials that still feel luxurious without the environmental impact.

Sustainability continues to drive innovation with new products that are better for the environment. Bioplastics (bio bags) using ingredients such as corn and potato starch and sugarcane are all derived from renewable sources.

Our range of bags also includes natural materials such as jute Bags for Life, a stylish and long-lasting consumer favourite.

Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags – What’s right bag for your brand?

We’re here to help you navigate the range of sustainable choices to select what’s right for your brand and your customers.


When is paper right for you?


When is plastic right for you?

100% safely biodegradable Can contain recycled content
100% reusable Are 100% recyclable
100% recyclable Very durable – can be used up to 43 times
Can have FSC accreditation Takes 4x less energy to produce than paper alternatives
Less environmental impact at end of life Potential to have greater environmental impact at end of life
Avoids Plastic Packaging Costs Avoids Plastic Packaging Costs if contains 30+ recycled content

Need bespoke packaging too?

When you need to make real impact with your packaging, a bespoke design could be the answer you’re looking for.

Which of our eco-friendly retail bags is right for you?

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