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Shop fittings, Display and Point of Sale

Creating an immersive, memorable and persuasive shopping experience

Improve instore retail brand experiences

Your instore customer experience is driven by your use and choice of shop fittings and display items. This is the backbone to creating an immersive and memorable experience.

When it comes to what you need to support your visual merchandising, our extensive range of shop fittings and display items allows your brand to tell its story consistently in every shop across your retail estate.

And we haven’t forgotten about sustainability on the shop floor either and our customer eco-friendly favourites range from sustainable mannequins made from recycled plastic, to 100% recycled Velo tagging attachments, to quality hangers with recycled plastic content to sustainable thermal till roll Everoll.

Just some of our shopfitting, display and POS products

  • Velo sustainable tagging attachments
  • Sustainable mannequins and busts
  • Cable, Hanging & Grid Systems
  • Clothing Rails and Hangers
  • Gondolas, shelving and counters
  • Instore range of shop fittings
  • Pegs and hooks
  • Security
  • Shop Equipment and Sundries
  • Shopping Baskets and Trolleys
  • Slatwall and Accessories
  • Street 76 range of shopfittings
  • Twinslot system and accessories
  • Media display units
  • Tickets and Labelling
  • Acrylic displays
  • Till rolls
  • Tissue papers
  • Display fixings
  • Eco-friendly hangers
We can fulfil all your shopfittings, display and POS requirements


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The retail road trip

Strategic positioning of your shopfittings and display items guide customers through your retail spaces on a defined journey, creating a crafted experience for new arrivals, best sellers, seasonal goods and your hero products.

Well thought out displays make the most of your space and can be adapted to change-up the look and feel, creating unique and new ‘road-trips’ for repeat visits to the store.

From a distinctive look for your mannequins, to strong industrial style metal shelving, to modern and adaptable gondolas – they all help to build your look.

How shop fittings and displays set the stage

How you have dressed the window and displayed your merchandise is the first thing your customer sees. It’s what gets them through the door and it’s what keeps them there exploring your product range, leading customers on a journey of discovery.

Well designed and well thought out fittings and displays should be a reflection of your brand. They should convey your style and values, allowing your customers to connect with you and your merchandise on a deeper level.

The unsung heroes of retail

Your shopfittings and displays shape the customer experience and how they engage with and perceive your brand. They create beautiful spaces, influence buying behaviour and are critical to the success of your shop floor from the front door to the till point.

And talking about the till area, it’s another critical space to drive instore promotions and products, as well being the final interaction between your customers and your brand. We supply a complete range of products to help you make the most of this space such as acrylic displays for promotions and literature, jewellery and accessories, as well as POS equipment and sundries such as Everoll sustainable till roll.

Whether you are a niche boutique, a large retailer, supermarket or garden centre – our shop fittings range has been curated over many years working with leading and emerging brands.

Our Retail Shop fittings, display and POS customer favourites

The Elite Gondola System is a retail favourite and is infinitely versatile. This clever unit can be changed-up in seconds depending on your merchandise, product focus and season. It’s your best friend when it comes to swapping over product displays quickly, mixed inventory and promotional events.

And when you’re going for something strong and functional, our Twinslot range is just the ticket. Simple and easy to set up, shelves can be adjusted in seconds and it is an ideal system for heavy items such as books, china and tools.

When you want to get the most from your shop floor, our latest innovation the High Density Clothes Rail comes into play. A hugely popular and versatile display piece we have developed with our retail partners means you can get up to 30% more product onto the shop floor without make it look cluttered.

Try our shop fitting displays in your store

When you need to make real impact with your product displays and point of sale, we’re here to help you make the best choices for your brand.