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iWrap Managed Services – an exciting new way to run and fund your pallet wrap operation

It’s time to say goodbye to downtime and poor pallet wrap performance

iWrap Managed Services is a market-leading service that improves and optimises your pallet wrap operation – while also reducing your costs and plastic use – it’s an innovative way to manage and finance your pallet wrap operation.

Inspired by the technology sector – it’s no longer about paying for the hardware and consumables, but it’s all about paying for the business benefits.

Managing your business day to day means keeping a number of vital cogs turning. But, if your pallet wrap operation lets you down, everything grinds to a halt. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. This way, you can improve the performance of your pallet wrap operation without making significant up-front investments, and start reaping the performance benefits straight away, while protecting your business capital, which can be deployed more effectively elsewhere in your organisation.


Save time. Save money. Drive efficiencies. Reduce plastic.


To keep your logistics moving, constantly monitoring your pallet wrap systems is critical.
Proactive monitoring prevents potential issues before they happen, and avoids major downtime. As a part of our iWrap Managed Services, proactive monitoring also helps you make informed strategic and tactical business decisions about how you run your pallet wrap
operation more effectively.

Our sophisticated monitoring technology provides real-time system diagnostics, and notifications. Instant alerts will draw your attention to anything abnormal so we can investigate and address potential problems before they happen, mitigating risk, whilst maximising operational effectiveness.


Free up capital and reduce your risk


Instead of making large, up-front payments and investments in your pallet wrap operation, you have the ability to fund it through our Managed Service, spreading the cost into simple, affordable monthly payments. With iWrap Managed Services, you can finance your pallet operation in a way that lets you benefit from the latest solutions now – while minimising risk and freeing up business capital.


Innovate your entire pallet wrap operation


iWrap Managed Services can help you select the right pallet wrap machines for your organisation, combine it with the correct high-performance film, and monitor its daily performance. All whilst overcoming the financial barriers to buying the latest technology and hardware.

A full turnkey service
Saving you time and money, whilst delivering significant return on investment.

An innovative way to pay and operate
Finance and manage your pallet wrap operation at a fixed low monthly cost.

Monitor and optimise
The latest monitoring technology delivers real-time data, intelligent analysis, predictive maintenance alerts and more.

A Complete Service
Hardware, annual maintenance, break fix maintenance, configuration, performance monitoring, and pallet wrap consumables for a low monthly cost.

Capex vs Opex
As a managed service, it’s highly tax efficient and helps you retain your working capital.

Designed around you
We tailor your solution to your budget and pallet wrap consumption, including hardware, maintenance and professional services.

Free hardware refresh options
So you’ll always benefit from the latest machinery, hardware and technology.

Reduce risk, maximise performance
We manage and monitor your entire pallet wrap operation, maximising performance whilst reducing cost.


A predictable, low-cost, high performance service


With iWrap Managed Services, you can include more than you think with our OpEx funding model, including a wide range of pallet wrapping machines and hardware, all your pallet wrap consumables including pallet wrap film, covers and hoods, maintenance, both proactive and break fit maintenance services, plus aftercare, and all other professional services that Acopia offers.

We can even include existing hardware and machinery.

iWrap Managed Services , is a full end-to-end service with a simple monthly cost. We’ll walk you through the scope and range of the service we can offer and tailor the right approach for your business based upon your exact requirements, subject to site survey and inspection.


Designing the perfect pallet wrap operation for your business


Maximise your pallet wrapping performance with guidance and advice from our leading specialists. Our specialists have many years’ experience and understanding of pallet wrapping operation, and they’re happy to share this experience and knowledge with you.

We’ll spend time on-site with you, getting to know your operation, your existing processes,
layout, systems, equipment and resourcing. Using this insight as the foundation for any future solution, our specialists will conduct a detailed cost benefit analysis and recommend ways to improve your operation.

It all starts with an initial audit, which includes:

• Capturing operational objectives and requirements
• Process mapping and analysis – to measure and assess your current processes
• Analysing your performance – and pallet wrap consumption
• Quantifying the amount of plastic consumed
• Cutting plastic waste – we’ll recommend ways to reduce the amount you use
• Process improvement recommendations – simplifying and standardising where possible to drive efficiencies
• Ergonomics recommendations – for your team members
• Sustainability recommendations – with advice on how to achieve your sustainability goals.
• We provide detailed analysis on, pallet wrap consumption, operational efficiency, load stability and safer working
• Providing a solution and implementation design – a solution design for your future pallet wrap operation

Take the risk out of your decisions when it comes to you innovating your pallet wrap operation with iWrap Managed Services.

You can find out more about iWrap Managed Services at www.iwrapuk.co.uk to download our complete guide to how it works or call us on 0845 075 6111 for more information if you would like to take advantage of our range of free advisory services and audits.

If you would like to talk to us about improving your palletising, just pop your details in the form below.