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5 reasons high-performance pallet wrap is the change you need

High-performance pallet wrap could be the change that your organisation needs – to save money, reduce Plastic Tax liabilities, improve operations, and the safe delivery of your products. It’s a simple switch to optimise your pallet wrapping and packaging processes.

Here are our five reasons why high-performance films have the power to revolutionise your operation.


1. Save money


Yes, that’s right! High-performance pallet wrap costs you less. While more expensive on a cost-per-roll basis, the real picture of your pallet wrap spend is uncovered by calculating your cost per pallet wrapped. You can read more about this here.

Inferior quality wrap is inherently less strong contributing to breakages and leading to more pallet wrap being used initially. In addition, pallets might need rewrapping at various stages of their journey.

With high-performance film, pallets only need to be wrapped once to be secure and strong. You can also be reassured that due to the stretch properties of high-performance film, even though you are using less film – your pallet wrapping will be consistent and have exceptional stability. By switching to a high-performance film, we estimate that you could save an average of 25% in costs.


High-performance pallet wrap

High-performance pallet wrap


2. Save time


The strength of pallet wrap is in its stretch. Low performance film does not have the same stretch capabilities of high-performance wrap. Too much stretch and it will break leading to multiple wraps per pallet. Leading to time wasted by your team and others down the distribution line. Spending time rewrapping pallets, and even more time unwrapping and disposing of unnecessary plastic, is quite simply inefficient.

Using less product leads to less roll changes and less disruption to production lines. By upgrading to a higher quality wrap, we estimate your team could do 2,056 fewer roll changes each year. And if each roll change takes 2 minutes, this results in a saving of 68 working hours.


3. Make your warehouse team’s lives easier


Investing in high-performance pallet wrap minimises the number of wraps and roll changes that your team must do. Be reassured in the strength and stability of a high-quality alternative and say goodbye to frequent breakages and multiple re-wraps.

If you are wrapping more than 50 pallets by hand, consider pallet wrapping machinery to make your team’s lives even easier and optimise your production by speeding up the packaging process and minimising manual exertion.


4. Prevent plastic waste


It is estimated that an alarming 140,000 tonnes of stretch wrap is used every year in the UK – most of which is sent to landfill.

If you are wrapping 400 pallets a day with 23-micron wrap, we estimate that you are producing 23 tonnes of plastic waste a year. But, by switching to a high-performance stretch wrap that goes further, your plastic usage could be cut by over half – to 10 tonnes a year.

In this time of climate crisis, it’s an easy decision. Make the sustainable choice to reduce plastic entering the waste stream – and the business choice to save money.


5. Achieve your goals


High-performance pallet wrap ensures your product arrives safely and undamaged at its final destination. With its ability to reliably hit that point of strength that your product needs, high performance film helps reduce breakages, damages, and increased customers’ loyalty. You’re also helping to reduce the amount of plastic your own customer has to dispose of, thus helping them to lower their carbon footprint.

Through one simple switch to high-performance pallet wrap you can save money, reduce your use of plastic, improve your reputation for faultless delivery, and support your team. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Find out more about iWrap high-performance film here and if you would like to know more about how it works to reduce your plastic consumption and your environmental impact, get in touch using the form below.